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The Last Day I spoke to him Aug. 3, 2021

It was such a busy day for me....I was 9 hours away and supposed to go back to where he was for weeks now but circumstances kept happening to detain me, car trouble, brother not well and the whole reason I was not there was to be with my mom who was not well. This day, Aug 3rd, I was very distracted too and my mom wasn't well and I was preparing to go meet him the following day as he had his heart set on going to Shambhala on the weekend and I had to be there before then. I told him to go without me if I don't make it there in time but he seemed disappointed with that and explained it was my fun too not just his. I however had my mom as my priority so my dear friend didnt have my full attention. At around 1:00ish in the afternoon I called him. It was routine to speak daily. "I wish I was feeling better..." he said to me. And I remember saying to him that he was scaring me. He didn't sound sick but those words did scare me and I was not sure why. And I asked him to go to a doctor or clinic but stubborn as he was he said "no". SO I asked what I could do for him and he asked me to read to him from Louise Hay's healing book. I told him I'd call him back after I look after some customers and find the book. When I called him back, I started reading it to him and instead he said he wanted me to text him the words and he would read it himself. So we read it together.

Heres our conversation from that day. The S is him, long story, the rose is me.

This excerpt is from Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life". We used to read that book cover to cover doing the affirmations in it. We would use the book to heal often and quite successfully. Who would have ever thought it would be the focus of our conversation in the physical that day and it would be the last ever. He read the whole of all the excerpts out loud to me. Normally he would have me read and strangely today he asked to read it himself. It was as if he knew and on some level maybe I did too. Well after reading it I had to get back to work so we agreed he would nap and we'd call each other later. My last words to him were Feel better and I will talk to you later. And I ended with "I love you Thomas". Not something we said to each other though that day I said what I felt and those may have been the last words he heard. With that it was "Bye".

Later never came as I got distracted taking my mom to the hospital again. It was a strange night. I hadn't been to pray forever. And for some reason I decided to go to the mosque that day and pray for both my mom and T. Something was feeling strange and I could not place it. Later around 10ish that night I thought, Wonder why he has not called yet, but decided maybe I should let him sleep and Ill call in the morning. I keep wondering if he would still be here if I made a different decision that night and called him like routine. The next day I called-no answer. I texted - no response. I got worried so I asked a friend to go check on him though he never made it until much later in the day and finally reported back to me that Thomas had crossed into the Spirt world...

Thomas was writing and had chosen the pen name SpiritWell for himself. So here is a new design honoring his pen name.

and here is Thomas's favourite prayer. A prayer he composed himself. A prayer I realized is really oddly a twin of the Nade Ali I recite. Atleast it is to me:

Here is Thomas's Prayer:

Love Joy Peace and Light

Thank you for ALL The Love Joy Peace and Light

God BEMORE us everyone

Thank you ALL for ALL

Yeah God, Yeah God, Yeah God!

Here is the Nade Ali in Arabic which I recite often:

نَادِ عَلِيّاً مَظْهَرَ الْعَجَائِبِ، تَجِدْهُ عَوْناً لَكَ فِي النَّوَائِبِ، كُلُّ هَمٍّ وَ غَمٍّ سَيَنْجَلِي، بِعَظْمَتِكَ يَا اَللهُ نُبُوَّتِكَ يَا مُحَمَّدُ بِوَلايَتِكَ يَا عَلِيُّ يَا عَلِيُّ يَا عَلِيُّ

Here is the transliteration:

Naad-e-‘ali yyan-mazharil ‘ajaaibi tajid hu ‘awnallaka finnawaa ibi qullu haminwwa ‘ghammin sayanjali bi rahmatika ya allahu wabi nabuwwatika ya muhammadu wabi wil ayaatika ya aliyyu ya aliyyu ya ali”

Call on Ali, (He) is able to bring about the extraordinary. You will find him an effective supporter in all calamities. (All) worries and sorrows will soon disappear . by Your greatness of O Allah, By Your Prophethood O Mohammed,

By your Vicergency, O Ali! O Ali! O Ali!

So with that I share with you a T-Shirt I made with his prayer. A beautiful prayer to share with all :

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