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  • Can we get custom designs?
    Yes we charge a flat $50 Canadian for your custom designs.
  • How often do you have new t-shirts?
    We release at least one new t-shirt every month.
  • Why are sales final?
    We have chosen quality products. We do not keep the inventory. Please be sure before you purchase something as we wont be able to take returns.
  • What is the garment quality?
    We did a ton of research before choosing the ones we did and they have received very good reviews and customers are happy!
  • What is a Tribute Site?
    Well its a Website. A site similar to this. It sells merhandise and is a concept, idea or project a loved one wanted to make happen but ran out of time. And you or someone you know needs help. We can build you a site like this for a small investment and you can have an additional stream of income to raise funds for that dream.
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