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Present Day

We all watch movies and see the phrase "PRESENT DAY" to denote the time period in the movie so we recognize WHEN WE ARE.

There's a great importance to living in the moment or in present time placed on by various motivational writers including Napolean Hill, why is it so important to live in the present:

According to an article I read by Dr. Deepak Chopra, the present moment doesn't even exist because it vanishes before we can capture it. Time it self for that matter can't be captured because even Einstein notes it is relative. It can slow down or speed up.

Just for a second close your eyes and just be in the moment for a second. How does this feel. I bet you will confirm it is worry free. I believe when we can be in the moment clearity can emerge. With that clearity far more possible realities become aparent and our ability to discern and decide becomes more accessible to us.

Are there dangers to living in the present moment? Some say there are because you stop planning...Is there a right or wrong way to live? All things have their time and place of course and being able to hold the feeling of the moment opens us up to countless possibilities.

PRESENT DAY when you see that next time you watch a movie. Pause and take a moment to experience the moment. After which be greatful for that moment you still can enjoy cause without that breath you took in that moment your physical reality could completely seize.

This T-Shirt design is all about the presents and gifts of the present moment.....when T saw PRESENT DAY in a movie he would say "Presents for Everyone!" Truly there are presents for everyone one in the present moment.!!

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