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Well....Many of us have seen it! Again and again!! Others are wondering what everyone is talking about while still others have no clue!! How about you have you ever seen 11:11 on a clock repeatedly.... or even everywhere repeatedly....

Did you know there are reasons for this or at least that there is past historical record and teaching about this. Whether fact or fiction heres what we know from our research and findings:

According to Wiki, numerologists believe it to be a synchronicity. A sign an auspicious occasion. An indication Spirit is around.

Whether fact or fiction, whether it really is a synchronous event or can find multiple explanations of it if you search. I believe its a very individual experience and means something different for everyone.

I started seeing it and was curious what it meant and do conclude that synchronous things occur upon seeing the 11:11 however is that cause I believe it or is there really some kind of law? That I can't confirm and maybe no one can.

What I can confirm for myself and perhaps you can too is it creates a positve experience in the moment.

When I met my friend T, who this site is a tribute to, he would see it all the time and for him much more then just a curiosity. He believed it was a sign of the Mother Divine being present in that moment. So for him a sacred moment. And he would consciously synchronize with the 11:11 to ensure he doesn't miss a moment to communes with Mother Divine. So not only was this moment positive but also sacred.

For myself now its a memory of 11:11 moments with him!! Thomas would text me "Happy 11:11 !!" every 11:11!! And it was a smile moment for sure!

Maybe you have the experience, maybe you don't. If you do though, I'm sure like me you want everyone to have this unique and life changing experience that reminds us of the possibility that theres more, theres something beyond....

What that is, is for each of us to realize and experience.

If you so feel inclined to share the experience, here are some T-Shirts you may choose to wear and share:

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